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family story to life

Discovering a Passion!

When I had my DNA analysed on Ancestry I started building my family tree. I became hooked!
I just couldn’t leave it alone.
I love finding out about my ancestors and I get tremendous satisfaction from solving mysteries in my tree… and there have been quite a few! I find it particularly satisfying to share what I’ve learned with my family.

But when I started out, just like you, I wondered where to begin and how to organise it all! 

Be inspired and share your family story!

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Dr Ruth Cameron | Ancestral StoryTelling UK

About Me

Dr. Ruth Cameron

I have been a psychology teacher and university lecturer and have taught in both Britain and the United States. For my doctorate, I carried out narrative research. This examines the stories that people tell about their experience and the themes that link these stories together. These themes highlight how people find meaning and gain insight from experiences. People telling stories about their lives highlights the shared nature of experience and a feeling of connection between storyteller and listener.

Story telling is at the centre of human experience. It’s how we pass on knowledge, develop insight and understanding, share values and beliefs and even create our cultural heritage. Telling our stories affirms us and allows us to connect with others. Over the last few years I’ve been researching and writing about my own family tree and I have been intrigued by the process of creating a narrative from the bare bones of my family’s history.

I am passionate about the power of storytelling. But how do we take the dry facts and from them bring our family stories to life? I aim to bring my expertise as an educator, researcher and writer to support you in creating your family’s story.


I used to spend my summers in North Wales with my Nain and Taid (Grandma and Grandad). I absolutely adored my Taid. He belonged to the generation of men who fought in the First World War. He was a stone mason and well known in the area and he loved his garden, which was on the hillside overlooking the sea. It was glorious!

Image  Beach, North of Barmouth © Ian Russell ::

Geograph Britain and Ireland

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Hands strong and scarred,

hardened by the work.

Out in all weathers

lifting, shaping rock,

nails cracked.


Collarless shirt sleeves rolled;

pleated trousers held up with braces;

workmen’s heavy boots.

On cooler days a waistcoat

and always a flat cap.


Beyond the flower bed,

the saw-horse,

beyond that sea and sky.

And here in my garden roses,

carnations, lupines, nasturtiums

and green grass.

For when she’s here
I’ll build her a wooden house.
I’ll let the saw dust lie
for her child’s games
with pots and pans.

Tomorrow, my granddaughter gone,
I will take down the wooden house,
store it in the shed,
sweep up the saw dust,
then take a scythe to the long grass.

Ruth Cameron

Taid (Welsh): Grandad

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I am really looking forward to hearing your family stories and helping you to find the inspiration to write an engaging story that your family will enjoy for years to come.

I aim to bring my expertise as an educator, researcher and writer to support you in creating your family’s story.

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